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Feelings matter

Increased Engagement

When employees feel Belonging, they're 2x as likely to be engaged in their work (Harvard Business Review).

If you want a passionate team of employees, they have to feel like they connected to that team - for more than just the length of a project.

HighER performance

When employees feel Respected, performance can increase 55% (Harvard Business Review).

There are two levels of respect, yet most business owners only focus on creating one (earned respect) while ignoring the other (inherent respect).

Lower turnover

When employees feel Heard, they're less likely to leave.

Nothing communicates to your employees that they matter, quite like listening does. Yet few business owners practice active listening - which means this ONE action will make you easily stand out from your competition!

Steps to High Performance

Step 1

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Step 2

Assessment. I work with you directly to understand EXACTLY what's hindering your team from higher performance.

Step 3

Action. I create and deliver a 100%-customized workshop for your management team.

Step 4

Enjoy. You watch as your team reaches higher performances. 

Gabriel’s known for his hard work and personal touch for good reason! Always going above and beyond, it’s been a pleasure working with him.

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Gabriel’s  has a way of seeing through the problem to the solution.

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Gabriel Klingman is the Millennial Whisperer: able to understand what they need, and communicate that in a practical and applicable way.

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