March 9

The Myth Of The Passionate Employee


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Is the passionate employee a myth?

The reality is, it’s not a myth, but more people will claim they’ve seen Bigfoot then they’ve seen a passionate employee at their local retail store.

And that’s really sad because everyone has the ability to have passionate employees, to create and cultivate passion for the job and passion for the company within every employee.

It’s not just me being optimistic or naive.

I’ve seen this happen and I’ve develop this within my employees at over 12 stores from Texas to Maine.

All you need to do is change how you’re approaching employee management.

Now, let me explain what this looks like.

At the very foundation, when you’re interviewing a potential employee, what do you do? You sit them down, you go over their resume, and then you just start talking about you and your company.

You start saying, “Here’s my company, here’s my vision, here’s my goals. Here’s what we want to do, here’s where we are and where we’re going. Here’s the tasks that we need to get done within this job that we’ve created. If you can do these tasks, we’ll give you this pay so that we can get what we want.”

Of course there’s not going to be any passion within that framework!

The entire process at the foundation is all about me and my company.

Not a drop of it is about the employee and what they want and what they are looking for out of life.

There’s no room to develop passion if the entire process is about me and my company.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Like I said, I’ve traveled to over 12 stores from Texas to Maine, had over 120 employees under me in that time-span, and at every store I visited, I was asked to train my replacement.

I developed a passionate team without having the top performers — I created the top performing team at every single store that I went to.

The top performing, the top selling, the top in customer service — at every single store without having a single one of the top performers.

And the way I’ve been able to do that is by focusing on the employee.

I don’t focus on the company’s needs, I don’t focus on the company’s goals.

I focus on my employee, what they want to get out of them being there than being at that job now, right?

I’m writing an entire book on this process is called Opportunity Switch; Taking Teams from High Turnover to High Performance.

And if you want more information on this process, if this message struck a chord, then let me know your name and your email address by clicking the link below. And I will let you know as soon as that book is ready.


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